Day Family Classic Car Museum or
“Fast and Furious Follies of the Road Kings”

The Kings accompanied by a few of their Queens traveled to Corona for a fun day at the Day Family Classic Car Collection on Saturday March 14th. Following the normal procedure of meeting at the now infamous donut shop the Kings and their Queens took off promptly at 9:30 A.M.

Knowing of the freeway debacle at the 5 and Alameda it was planned to go around this mess and sneak past the rest of the poor souls who didn’t know of the construction. Word soon got out as the Kings were separated like a boys bag of marbles when the sack was torn while climbing over a neighbor’s fence; we soon found ourselves in groups of 2 or 3, if lucky. In spite of the good planning, the freeway construction resulted in a lot of confusion, but all was well as we arived as planned in Corona.

Revving my Astro van with my wife Janet, Sue Baldaseroni, Don Baldaseroni, and Jimmy Miles we cut in behind Chuck Hanson and Bruce Borst from the traffic jam. At Main street Chuck got some misguided directions from his navigation partner and took a left at Main street with Bruce in tow; we on the other hand slipped right by them heading back for Buena Vista. With all the screaming in the back from my passengers I found my way behind Ron Alves and Karl Grossman slipping in like teenager back in the window after midnight!

If you have never had the fun of traveling in a group with multiple Kings in the same car, then you just haven’t lived. We sang songs, told stories of old, and Jimmy Miles performed some hand puppet shadows on the side of the van entertaining us all… well not me, I was driving.
The trip was 53.78 miles to our turn off at Auto Center Drive in Corona. Eddie, Ben, and Gregg were in tow in Eddies Interceptor; well at least until they were under the freeway underpass were the classic car stall occurred! This was particularly disturbing as I was the last one to wrench on Eddies car! This was going to take some skin off the backside I could be sure.

If you have never had the fun of pushing a car off the freeway underpass through an intersection on a green arrow with 4 Road Kings all wearing their colors then you just added something to your bucket list. We pushed that car all the way around the turn and with true classic Car Club enthusiasm right into the front entry of our destination! We made it!

The museum was anything and everything you would want from a place with cars and memorabilia. The Day Family has really put together a collection worthy of seeing and I plan to go back with some friends. The reconstructed soda shops, and gas stations along with the art and furnishings are any garage aficionado’s  dream! Nineteen Kings and 4 wives attended the hour long tour before heading across the street to one of my favorites;  In and Out Burger for lunch.

You’d think the story would end here but a new surprise waits when we get back to the parking lot to leave; Frank Nays 39 wouldn’t start. Seems the new coil that was installed the day before had a short life span. Jumper cables, tool boxes, and flashlights come out to see if it can be seen let alone reached down under the car. Eddie goes for the mechanics area at the back of the Hyundai Dealership while Frank is buried in the trunk hooking up the jumper. Long and short of it the fix was a factory issued Ford pipe wrench that could tap on the darn thing until it turned over. The car started we begin the last leg of this ordeal.

The freeway onramp being closed in Corona (What are the chances) guided us South alongside the freeway to jump on the 91 going South; yes that’s right the 91 going South. At this time the Astro van is now carrying the original group of 5 plus Eddie Salvador, Ben Curtis, and Gregg Simas (Now I know why they call him Grumpy)! Four vehicles should be pretty easy to get back together…ah but not for the Kings we soon were separated and ended up in groups of 2 behind Frank and Mary Nay in that 39! Sure wish I had a GoPro on in the cab of the van for the rest of the ride as Eddie in true Presidential form tried to keep the crying to a minimum (And I mean his) for the duration of our day. We went down the 91 off at Knott’s, traveled cross country to the 5 North to the 710 up to the 10 across to the 5 again and got separated at the 2!

I now wear a black ribbon on my Road Kings hat in memory of this day.


Enjoy a few mintes of Joe Cocker, and photos of the weekend so colorfully described by Steve's note above...(Hint .... turn up the speakers and make the video FULL SCREEN!

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